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Aluminum Solar Road Stud,Solar Road Studs,Aluminum LED Solar Road Making Studs

Aluminum Solar Road Stud,Solar Road Studs,Aluminum LED Solar Road Making Studs


Name:solar road stud light
Solar panel:0.4W 2V 200mAh
Work mode:constant lighting/Glitter lighting
Battery:over 3-5years(Ni-Mh battery),over 5- 7years(Lifepo4) over 7-10 years(super capacitor)
Product size:140*55MM
LED colors:Red/Wite/Yellow//Green/Blue or color mixture
Led quantity:6pcs.
Material:Cast-aluminum +PC
Working temperature:-20-60℃

Features of aluminum solar road stud:
– Proven reduction in night time accidents by over 70%.
– Lower cost than traditional road stud reflectors.
– 10 times greater visibility for drivers than glass reflective highway road maker.
– Visible in adverse weather e.g. fog, rain or surface spray.
– Highlights sharp bends, dips in the road and other hazards.
– Effective additional driver safety when used in conjunction with street light reduction schemes.

Applications of led road stud.
– Commercial Premises.
– Petrol Stations.
– Indoor & Outdoor Roads, Driveways.
– Convention Spaces or Factories.
– Joint intersections, on and off ramps, center lines and dividers, entrance warnings, carpool lanes, bridges, cross and side walks
– Taxiways at airports, bike and pedestrian lanes, aboard ships and watercrafts.

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